Coaching for Individuals, Marriages and Families

At Empowered Calling Coaching we offer a variety of services to provide the guidance and assistance that individuals, marriages and foster and adoptive families need to make positive changes and get to a place where they thrive.

Through Christ-centered coaching and training we help individuals discover who God has created them to be and the next steps they need to take to follow His direction and leading.  With our many tools and assessments, God's people can work through obstacles and blocks to uncover His direction for their life.

For marriages and families, our services are designed to help those in close relationships learn to trust each other, manage their emotions, and effectively deal with conflicts and disappointments.  We take current research and principles from proven interventions and translate this information into practical tools and strategies that you can implement in your home.  We use encouragement and an action-based approach to make rapid changes so you can fully live out the calling God has designed for you and your family.

We work with children ages 10 and up, teens and parents.  Our meetings are held in person and via videoconferencing.

Our time together is broken down into these areas:

  1. Identifying areas of concern- through focused conversations and a variety of questionnaires and assessments; we help you identify areas of concern and plan a course of action.
  2. Training- we provide the training that you need to understand the root cause of your challenges.
  3. Coaching- together we will learn and practice new techniques, set goals and provide the accountability you need to move forward and change the unhealthy dynamics and cycles of interactions you are having with your spouse or child.


More Info?

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