Our results are the positive changes our clients are experiencing in their families.  A few testimonies from our clients are:

“I had the privilege of meeting with Renee several times. Her calm demeanor and patient wisdom was such an encouragement. The whole person assessment we went through was another great tool that has helped me have a new lens through which to look at the decisions I’m making and the way I’m spending my time.”


“Renee's experience as an expat, and adoptive mother--only two of her qualifications--brings invaluable perspective and experience to the coaching table. My session with Renee brought great clarity as she reflected, listened, and asked excellent questions that helped me identify a core issue that needed to be addressed in a primary relationship. I would highly recommend a potentially life-changing hour with Renee.”


“The past half year Renee has coached me, personally it was amazing. She was able to help with many aspects in my life. Then, I was able to overcome many road bumps and surprises along the way with her too. I definitely recommend her and the way she coaches.”


“Renee has a passionate gift of listening, no matter what the setting, and can succinctly summarize endless paragraphs of words. She asks relevant questions, has a great grasp of resources and knows how to inspire growth.”


“I just completed the “No Drama Discipline” class with Renee.  I learned effective strategies in handling challenging behaviors with my child.  The discipline techniques have helped bring peace and calm in our home when helping my child learn how to handle her emotions and difficult daily situations.  Renee encouraged and helped us set goals each week to implement the techniques at home.  Therefore, the class didn’t become just head knowledge, but something we practiced.”


“Renee Witkowski’s small  group of adoptive parents has been an answer to my prayers.  I cannot begin to share all of the things I have learned that are helping us help our child.  Renee’s group is a safe place for parents to learn from Renee and each other.  I walk out of her group session realizing I am not alone and armed with background education, strategies, and parenting skills to help both our child and myself.”


"The summer pre-teen group helped my child with identifying emotions.  She particularly enjoyed meeting other adoptive children and making new friends."- mom of an adopted pre-teen


"I enjoyed the class. Learning the skill of validation and identifying emotions was very helpful" - adopted teen

Next Steps...

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