The Intentional and Calm Parent

Coaching Group for Adoptive and Foster Moms

Experience more calm and peace in your home by learning and practicing the newest techniques from neuroscience!

In a 6 week small online group, you will:

  • Find help and practical ideas on how to parent your foster or adoptive child in a firm but loving way AND
  • Learn the newest ways to calm your nervous system!!

You will be guided by a certified coach and adoptive mom and surrounded by parents who will understand and support you.  This is a Christian faith based group for those who want to grow and thrive!!

Weekly Schedule:

  • Practice a short mindfulness activity to help you stay present and calm
  • Learn a parenting tool that will encourage trust and connection with your child
  • Learn an emotional regulation skill that you or your child can use when upset
  • Set small goals to apply what you are learning
  • Receive a weekly email and an encouraging Bible verse

Who: We are currently offering a group for Adoptive and Foster Moms (A separate group for just dads will be offered in the future!)

Time and Date:  Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:15 pm beginning September 17th

Cost: $30/session paid in a one-time fee of $180  optional: No Drama Discipline Workbook

Class Schedule:

  • Goal and Progress Sharing
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Teaching on Parenting and Emotional Regulation
  • Discussion
  • Wrap- Up and Goal Setting

 Six Week Schedule:


Week 1

Parenting:  The “why” behind our children’s behavior and reflective thinking

Emotion Regulation:  Mapping our nervous system and the TIPP skill

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself     


Week 2

Parenting:  How to have realistic expectations in parenting children who have been through trauma

Emotion Regulation:  The amygdala hijack, regulation, co-regulation and the self-soothing skill

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself  


Week 3

Parenting:  Practical ways to be a proactive parent

Emotion Regulation:  Engaging the safety of  the ventral vagal system by changing our physiology

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself    


Week 4

Parenting:  The no drama connection cycle for misbehavior

Emotion Regulation: The STOP skill

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself


Week 5

Parenting:  Two skills necessary for parenting:  consistency and flexibility

Emotion Regulation:  IMPROVE the moment when you are upset

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself              


Week 6

Parenting:  Reducing words and using short scripts

Emotion Regulation:  Turning the mind to a better place

Homework:  Goals that you set for yourself