Life Coaching

Have you made a major life change or are you entering a new phase in life? Are you struggling with a relationship?

Working with a life coach will help you set and reach your goals faster, grow spiritually, get ahead personally and improve your life and relationships.

The goal is for you to listen to the Holy Spirit, discover new things about yourself, and take action to reshape your life around that learning.

One unique tool we offer to help you move ahead is the Whole Person Assessment.

Whole Person Assessment

The Whole Person Assessment (WPA) is a facilitator led inductive analysis of your values, personality, gifts, roles and life experience to help you listen to God for all He has called you to be.

It practically applies Scripture in order to discern the trajectory of your life, enabling you to make informed decisions based on God’s leading.  The goals are two-fold:  First to encourage you by identifying and affirming God’s unique design.  Second to exhort you to take one step further in accomplishing God’s will.

The WPA is done in several steps.

Assessments:  Participants are given a set of 5 short assessments to complete

Analysis:  Facilitators take the completed assessments and perform an inductive analysis on the results.

Debriefing of the results and follow-up to discern God’s directions in life.


Teen Coaching

Teens need the encouragement, understanding and vision casting of a life coach. We work with preteens and teens ages 10 and up who are struggling with organization or life skills such as communication, social media success or friendship. We work to help teens gain insight into their challenges, and teach them skills to improve their life.

By meeting together on a regular basis, providing encouragement and goal setting, teens move forward to live a positive life.


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