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Empowered Calling Coaching wants to empower you and your family to live out the life that God has designed for you - a life full of hope, meaning and purpose. We specialize in coaching foster and adoptive families and women who are in transition.

Parent coaching for foster and adoptive families involves helping families identify areas of concern,  training  to help families understand the root cause of their struggles and coaching to apply the tools and techniques needed to address their underlying difficulties.

We also coach women who are trying to figure out God’s next steps for them.  Whether they are planning a job move, newly divorced, or struggling with a new parenting phase, we help women discover and apply their strengths, gifts and talents to their life situation.

We offer coaching in Louisville or via phone or teleconferencing. Feel free to browse our site or contact us today if you have any questions!


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Have questions or want to learn more about my personalized coaching services?  Just use my contact form or email me at rwitkowski@empoweredcalling.com .